Digital6s is an emerging leader in web and technology support for regional and local businesses.


Digital6s is the go to brand for regional digital marketing and technology solutions.


  • Support our clients to make confident and informed decisions about new technology investments.
  • Support our clients to improve service and product delivery efficiency with the right and most cost effective technology solutions.
  • Increase awareness and Improve the technical skills and abilities of Hepburn and Pyrenees regional businesses and individuals.
  • Create a network of like minded businesses and individuals who are committed to promoting digital innovation and education in the Hepburn and Pyrenees Regions
  • Provide and promote digital connectedness in regional Victoria
  • A Leader in implementing and supporting regional business technology innovation and uptake.

Who is Digital6s

We are a digital marketing and technology support business operating in Hepburn shire, we also also support the Pyrenees Regions too.

We love technology. We especially love the right brain/left brain combination of math, process, analytics, statistics and coding, with creative design, user experience, innovation, and conceptualisation. What more could we ask for when we get to do this in the beautiful regional landscapes of Hepburn & Pyrenees with a vast array of green and gold chromatic countryside colour schemes and iconic Australian flora and fauna all around. There is no where else in the world we would rather be “tech-ing” (“tech-ing” – doing technology.

We have family ties in the Pyrenees, and other areas in western regional Victoria. We are relatively new to the Hepburn Shire community but have historical family ties to the Daylesford business community dating back to the 1800’s! We’d love to tell you more.

To show our appreciation of our community and love of technology we are participating in the be connected digital mentoring program to help promote technology and digital confidence for anyone who wants to improve their tech know how. The program is especially aimed at seniors but is open to all. We provide one on one and group sessions, and best of all its Free!

Who are our customers

We provide services to local regional businesses, organisations and individuals, especially in the Hepburn and Pyrenees regions. With roots in these areas we want to see our local clients thrive and excel in their respective industries and regions through effective technology solutions.

We work with small and medium businesses, family and owner operated businesses in hospitality accommodation and tourism, health and well being and professional services, as well as with nfp organisations and also individuals.

Some of our clients have never had a website, don’t have a social media account or have only just started using email to communicate with their customers, suppliers and others. They are keen to learn and understand how their operations can be improved, how they can save time and money by using new technologies. Our clients want to be able to ask questions, get feedback in terms they understand, and feel informed so they can make sound investment decisions in technology.

They want to introduce new ways of operating in a way that meets their individual needs and is suitable for their regular practices, their employees skills and their customers too. They want to have support for both technological changes as well as support for their business to successfully adapt and thrive with new ways of doing business with technology.

Why choose Digital6s

Regional businesses, organisations and individuals have different needs and requirements for technology to support the delivery of their services and products, and also for the operation of their internal administration and management practices. Understanding these differences, the reality of regional technology limits, and the ability of an organisation to adapt to change is key in successfully migrating and implementing technology solutions.

We want to partner with our clients, protect and grow their interests and confidence with technology.

To us, when a client is armed with the knowledge and information to make decisions that benefit and progress their desired outcomes, the success is shared between business, supplier and customer.

We want to build an empire on trust and mutually benefit. When our clients are successful, we are successful.