Empowering Local Businesses with technology

Digital6s is coming to Hepburn Shire.  

We provide IT Support, Technology Projects, Website and Multimedia/Graphic Design and Photography Services.  We also provide support and training for your business applications and we love helping improve business processes by connecting people process and technology.  


Our primary goal is to increase our customers confidence and use of technology, we want our clients to feel empowered to make well informed technology investment decisions and experience measurable efficiencies in their business when working with us, 

Things we love doing

Web Site Design

Website Design and Remediation, Simple, Blog, E-Commerce/Shop Websites that have your customers experience in mind and look fantastic on any device.  We can also help you learn how to update and make changes yourself so that you always have 100% control and access to your business's website.

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Event, Social Media and Product Photography, we love receiving an invite to parties, festivals and events to capture those memory worthy moments.  We can also come to you and set up our mobile photography studio so that you can share your special creations with your followers and customers.   We love working with our clients to create their vision, If studio images are not your thing, then lets go off road and find the perfect location that suits your creations. We also take care of image enhancement, and provide you with high resolution jpg and png images for web  and print and the raw images too so you can always do what ever you need with your images. 

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Graphic Design

Digital Imaging, Image retouching and repair.  So you have images, photos or a logo but you need some changes made or a few adjustments.  We love the detail and have the skills, Excellent communication is always the key when producing  visual art for someone, we can come to you, work with your side by side to create the look you are after, or we can work off site and connect with you remotely via phone/video and desktop sharing to make sure we are on the right track.  

Logo Design and creating your brands image with amazing graphics, beautiful fonts and carefully selected colours.  We can come to you, work side by side or connect with you remotely (video/phone/ desktop share) to create your vision.  If you have no idea what you are looking to create, we can help get you started, come up with alternatives looks and styles and refine this until you are happy. 

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Digital Marketing - Social and SEO

Getting Started with Social Media and Digital Marketing doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.   We can help you get on facebook, tweet and become an insta-guru.  Ensuring all your business information is current and correct, engaging with your followers and potential customers, responding to reviews and questions is not just Social marketing its good business practice.   

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process, there is simple SEO which is mostly ensuring titles,  tags and content on your site has the right data in the right places, and that google knows to check your site when someone asks google a question, in this way when something on your site can answer the query, google can put it in the search results.  There are many reasons why a site will and wont end up on search results.  Its mostly about having unique, high quality content, being a trusted and authoritative source of information and actively participating on social platforms.   Your competition, geographical location and the audience you market to will help direct what content you should have on your site and how to optimise it for higher search ranking.  We can help you develop and SEO and Content strategy. 

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Tech Support and Projects

  • General IT Support
  • Desktop (PC/Mac) & Mobile Device Set up and Support
  • Internet, Wifi & Networking Troubleshooting, Site Implementations and upgrades
  • Application Implementation Projects  including staff training
  • Software Integration & Automation

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Booking and Payment Tools

We can help you find and implement the best online Booking/appointment app and/or payment applications that suits your needs...  We have a few favourites that are so quick and easy to set up, with low (& some with no) subscription/transaction fees so that your customers can book time with you and make payments 24/7 and you have the tools to make followup appointments, or take payments in person.  Because we are independent we can source the best picks for your needs and work with you to set up and customise the one that you like best.   Many app and subscription based tools can be integrated and synced with your existing calendar, email, accounting packages, your website and social media pages.  Whether you like the idea of simple or you want a fully automated and integrated solution we can help!.  We can also provide training and customised documentation to ensure you understand all the ins and outs,  your staff are trained and your new system works for you!

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Process and Standards

Business Process Improvement, Documentation and Training Wiki/Manuals (Print and Digital)

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Excel, Power Point, Word Guru - Document Management

We LOVE spreadsheets... Did I mention we LOVE Spreadsheets.  Whether you have 100's of spreadsheets you need cleaned up, you need a better template or you want to move your data from one app to another we are expert excel professionals and can help.  

Running out of disk space, documents everywhere and you need to simplify?  We can help. 

Training in Excel, word, power point, outlook and other Microsoft or google office apps is also available. 

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Professional Email and Office Tools

want to look more professional and have email at yourdomain.com?  Its not expensive and its not hard to set up. 

We are independant and can help you choose between the two most popular providers - Microsoft Office 365, and Google GSuite.  We can set it all up for you, help you register or connect your existing domain and even help you learn how to manage it all yourself so that you can save on support and technical costs in the future.  Today many administrative functions for email, calendars, cloud storage and even shared workspaces have been simplified and are very intuitive, this means that with a little bit more technical confidence you can likely perform many basic admin tasks such as adding new email accounts or creating an automated workflow as simply as "point-click-next-ok-done", and we would love to give you the knowledge and tools to do this yourself, or you can have us do it for you. 

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About Vanessa

Vanessa is a resident of Hepburn Shire and has lived in regional Victoria since 2018. She is an IT professional with over 20 years of experience.  She has worked in business administration, IT Support, Graphic design, hospitality management, Governance and Process Improvement, Project Management, Business Analysis and IT and Business Training. 

She is often described as highly analytical, methodical and structured yet  paradoxically she is creative, intuitive and empathetic. At  first you may not think these are skills and qualities that usually mesh, but this is a perfect combination for developing creative and effective strategies that are both flexible and scale-able, while also being able to get the job done and delivered.    

Her most rewarding roles were with community service based organisations and she has worked with Qld Health, Royal Flying Doctors and Brisbane City Council during her Career.   While enjoying her technology based management/office career she opened and operated Jett Espresso with her partner in 2009.  Jett was popular local community cafe in Grange, a North Brisbane Suburb, which operated successfully for 4 years. 

She is loves to pursue education and professional development.  Having a wealth of qualifications in technology and business and having moved to Hepburn, the Day spa capital of Australia, she has also almost completed a Diploma of Beauty and Spa.  She is also working with some local accommodation and hospitality businesses so she can developing a thorough understanding the local communities primary tourism industries. 

Multi-skilled and happy to work hard and hands on, after moving to Regional Victoria in 2018, she has been helping family members finish building their house.  This is not her first building project, and she continues provide hands on building, plastering, painting, tiling and of course interior design support during the project. 

She has loved the experience of contributing to the  local community, helping the Castlemaine repair cafe to set up their website and facebook page, and she is a technology mentor with the BeConnected Project in the Goldfields shire and now also in Hepburn.

Never having felt at home in the city, and a growing love and passion for that country Australian landscape, she knew it was time for change, packed up and drove to Avoka.    Before this, you could often find Vanessa taking a walk through the botanical gardens, shoes off and feet on the grass for that intuitive need to personally reconnect body with earth.    Durring the 16-1800kml drive she was so inspired by changing landscape and fauna she wanted to capture and share the views that made her happy and started to develop a love and skill in photography.